Titan G9

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December 29, 2007

Diskboot.bin vs bootdisk.bin Edit

Is it really bootdisk.bin? As far as I've seen, it's diskboot.bin for every camera, the instructions you pointed to also say diskboot.bin. Is the G9 different? Have you succesfully got the camera to boot with bootdisk.bin? That would be nice to know in order to make the page apply to more cameras. --DataGhost

Confused diskboot bootdisk Edit


You are right! I was confused when I saw I made mistake what you first detected. Suddenly I thought I misspelled other things too. But it was wrong. Just recognized after you wrote me.

Now I fixed it. Probably I'm tired today... I go to sleep and not touch my pages on wikia/g9... Cheers Titan_G9

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