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    Multicam Rigs

    June 25, 2014 by Waterwingz

    3D photogrammetric body scanner based on 64 cameras

    3D SCANNER with multiple Cameras

    40 cameras - need help

    Noob question, how to run multicam.lua on chdkptp

    CHDK PTP--downloading files from cam

    alternative ptp client

    Building your own 3D scanner out of off-the-shelf parts

    Battery third (temp) terminal as multipurpose analogue input

    Building a mult-camera rig

    CHDK PTP multiple instances

    CHDK PTP multiple instances - working with USB Remote concurrently (kbd.c hack)

    Remote triggering multiple cameras, and transferring images to HD

    Looking to buy multi camera rig application

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    While the Canon SD940 has a relatively small user base, its owners really appreciate the compact size and power of this camera. Almost a year and a half after its release, functional versions of CHDK are now available for the SD940 - see CHDK Forum - SD940 porting thread

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