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July 12, 2010
  • Acewings1

    Question: Why does Canon Powershot A540 digital compact camera shoots only 1 RAW picture when I have a successfully installd CHDK on its SD memory card?

    I have a fully working CHDK working in my A540. Also the DNG4PS2 software is working properly. But my camera shoots only 1 RAW picture, the rest being jpeg files.

    Why is this happening? What are the in-camera CHDK menu settings? Anything specifically to be programmed in the RAW parameters?

    I do not mind generating jpegs. But my aim to create RAW pictures. Also the camera slelcts at random which picture will be shot i RAW mode.

    Please advise. Help appreciatedAcewings1 11:33, July 12, 2010 (UTC)

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  • Acewings1

    RAW for Canon Powershot A540?

    I have successfully installed CHDK on a SD card inserted in my Powershot A540. I would like to know how do I shoot RAW pictures? What are the setting in the menu of the camera that should be done? What are the in-camera settings to shoot RAW photos using Canon Powershot A540 digital compact camera? What are the RAW parameters that should be set in the CHDK in-camera menu? If someone can advise, it would be wonderful. Thank you.

    I shot some pics with the file name as: CRW_xxxx.CRW & IMG_xxxx.CRW. But these files do not open up in Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite 5 (CS5) extended edition. Which image editing / RAW processing software should be used? Any links?

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