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sept 9 2008Edit

Here's a picture of my newest usb remote.

Usb cable release v2 0 800


all the parts came from a dollar store

  • (a) modular telephone wall jack ......... ($1)
  • (b) push button taken from a door chime . ($1)
  • (c) telephone extension chord (15ft) .... ($1)
  • (d) USB connector, type 'Mini-B' ........ ($1)
  • Two 3v lithium batteries (inside) ....... ($1)

Tools used;
Side Cutters, Shrink tubing, 3M Marine Adhesive

sept 7 2008Edit

TSAN usb cable release v1


I've made my first usb cable release. Below is a shot of it in all it's half-assed ugliness.
The roll of tape isn't part of the remote... it was just used to prop it up in the photo

Using a cable release with these new builds' scripts has allowed for far greater
control when I am doing close up/hi speed shots. You can see some of the
results above & below.
(If you look closely in pic 6, you can see parts of the kitchen in the waters reflection)

I'm almost finished my new cable release.
I'll post more pics of of both remotes, as well as a parts-list & maybe a how-to sort of thing so you can build your own.
(the second version only cost me about 5 bucks in parts)

Hi Speed Pics Using CHDK & DIY Cable ReleaseEdit

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