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Just starting out trying to develop for CHDK. I'm taking some hints from funnel's work on the SX220 hoping to create my first port for the SX230 HS.

I already own an SD750, and was really inspired by TPC + PhyrePhox's work for that camera. IXUS75/SD750 1.01a | 1.00b | 1.02a Thread. It was also really cool to have quietschi fix some bugs for multipartition support and button fixes on SD750 bracketing issues

My favorite pagesEdit

  • The Digital Picture rocks! Bryan does some amazing work, not funded by anyone to do the reviews and tests
  • Canon Rumors Who doesn't like the rumor mill?
  • Photography BLOG I find their reviews are the most insightful, with rather unbiased details. Their comments often incorporate field usage, unlike some other sites that just have the camera for a short time. Only through field usage do you find "slight annoyances" ;)
  • http:// is down for the most part... but it'd be my favorite page if I'd get un-lazy and bring it back up :D

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