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November 3, 2008

Just starting out trying to develop for CHDK. I'm taking some hints from funnel's work on the SX220 hoping to create my first port for the SX230 HS.

I already own an SD750, and was really inspired by TPC + PhyrePhox's work for that camera. IXUS75/SD750 1.01a | 1.00b | 1.02a Thread. It was also really cool to have quietschi fix some bugs for multipartition support and button fixes on SD750 bracketing issues

My favorite pagesEdit

  • The Digital Picture rocks! Bryan does some amazing work, not funded by anyone to do the reviews and tests
  • Canon Rumors Who doesn't like the rumor mill?
  • Photography BLOG I find their reviews are the most insightful, with rather unbiased details. Their comments often incorporate field usage, unlike some other sites that just have the camera for a short time. Only through field usage do you find "slight annoyances" ;)
  • http:// is down for the most part... but it'd be my favorite page if I'd get un-lazy and bring it back up :D

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