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Following is a list of possible(?) future improvements.

Integrate miniz as a library (module)Edit

  • zlib compression, decompression
  • operations on zip files (compression, decompression)
  • has a simple PNG writer
  • Uses:
  • CHDK installer
- SFX-like distribution, extracts itself, makes card bootable
  • In-camera format and keeping CHDK installed
- Needs a hook on the formatter task, zip up all needed files, store the zip in an exmem allocation (or in regular malloc'd memory if there's enough free space there), decompress the archive when the formatted card is accessible again, reinstall bootflag
- Supporting multiple partitions is probably impossible
  • creating PNG snapshots of the bitmap overlay
- the PNG writer needs to be improved to write paletted images

First test was succesful (create test archive). Needs realloc(), and a working assert().

Store CHDK config in cameraEdit

  • need to find a safe way (i.e. hooking a firmware process instead of doing the flashing ourselves)
    • Safest would be: using a recordable operation sound
      • since the sound data is uncompressed, only one's ears would be at risk
      • limited to approx. 8kB (1s 8bit mono 8kHz wave)
    • Much less safe: using a custom startup image
      • more cameras support this, but chances are that the camera's decoder chokes on the chosen method (JPEG comment? earlier JPEG ending?): bricking possibility
      • the size limit is probably higher

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