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Ixus220HS/Elph300HS, darkframe control which doesn't seem to work correctly for some reason

A590IS, to not crash trying SD override

VxWorks cameras may need CAM_STARTUP_CRASH_FILE_OPEN_FIX too, like the A570IS

Cameras that may crash while recording a movie:

Mode switch issue found on some SX series cameras, and a possible remedy:

Obscure issue with scripted keypresses in the Canon menu on Digic 4 and higher (only reported on the S90, but probably affects more cameras). Might be related to the functions and fw variables used in vid_bitmap_refresh() implementations.

Might be worth it to review subject distance override restrictions on some cameras after changeset 2426, see also changeset 1453

Ixus105/SD1300, loading CHDK makes USB communication impossible (at least on 1.00d): , there's also a minor source fix pending

Cameras where AF scan in video is problematic (not full list)

  • Ixus30/SD200, Ixus40/SD300: MakeAFScan() not found
  • A410 (@all res.)
reason (when 640x480 recording):
ASSERT!! WBInteg.c Line 869

Ixus95/SD1200, partition support may not work:

S90, looks like the ISO override fix in capt_seq.c is working, perhaps it should be added to the official source.


A460, fast liveview buffer:

Possible explanation for the "ISO 100 gets recorded into DNG Exif" issue:

A470, on/off button as replacement for "disp" in ALT mode:

How to make CHDK's PTP implementation work on the first DIGIC II cameras

Possible workaround for the potential (data) cache vs. modules issue on the S1IS: cache control has been found, appears to work (or at least does not cause crashes).

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