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Non-backwards compatible changes in camera specific codeEdit

CHDK 1.2Edit

  • state_kbd_script_run is now part of a structure

Firmware variablesEdit


becomes nonzero (observed value: 1) when the camera is in record mode and either of the following conditions is true

  • shooting menu is shown (the one you activate with the func/set button)
  • AEL (exposure lock) or AFL (AF lock) is active
  • maybe when other similar Canon function is active (for example FE lock)

Default CHDK action (as of r1997): OSD will vanish when this becomes nonzero. If this is undesired, CAM_SHOW_OSD_IN_SHOOT_MENU needs to be defined in the camera's platform_camera.h.

This address of this variable is found indirectly for many ports, and the comment about taskcreate_DSITask only helps to find the address next to the one that holds canon_shoot_menu_active...


Needed for cameras where MakeAFScan() has only one argument (earlier VxWorks models?).

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