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I downloaded 2 versions (a700-100b-0.7.2-552 and 535) of CHDK for my A700 camera. Using 535 for a short time I found some good features and it looked to me ok. But as soon as I use one of the CHDK's fonts the German sp. characters are displayed as cyrillic charakters (no difference if Codepage 1252 is set or not). It shows the Main Menu (Hauptmenü) ok but all other pages are wrong and when I return to the Main Menu again the headder is wrong as well.

So I tried version 552 and the problem is the same - it is even worse: several lines in submenus are not shown at all (blanks only), or random characters are displayed within the line. What even makes it worse is, that the system locks up from time to time, or it shuts off without retracting the lense system.

This last described problem is a featue I'm looking for: Is there a setting, that keeps the lense system in working position when I switch to play mode to review one or another picture just taken?

  • It looks like there's a problem with the config file or the card's file system -> backup your images, format your card & prepare it with a fresh downloaded CHDK version. BTW - do you know the german CHDK forum at ? Fe50 19:00, 10 November 2008 (UTC)

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