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CHDK includes a slightly modified version of the uBASIC interpreter written by Adam Dunkels, which itself is a tiny version of BASIC (Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code). CHDK allows users to automate their cameras by running "scripts", small and simple programs written in a short-hand version of BASIC. There are scripts for exposure bracketing, focus bracketing, intervalometer and many more.

How to run a script


The Script Menu


Running a Script - Exposure Bracketing

  • Download or write your own script and place it in the CHDK/SCRIPTS/ folder of your SD-card, (name and extention are is not important, extension should be .BAS for uBASIC and .LUA for Lua scripts).
  • Enter the script menu, load the script, adjust the parameters to your liking and leave the menu.
  • While still in <ALT> mode just press the shutter button and the script will start. A mini console will be displayed while the script is running.
  • Note:It's best to  set the Review parameter in the NORMAL camera menu to "off", other options like "x sec" or "hold" can will interfere with the execution of scripts.
  • You can stop a running script by just pressing the shutter button again. Or pause a running script by exiting <ALT> mode. If paused the script will resume right where it left off when re-entering <ALT> mode.

You can download ready made scripts here:

  • User Written Scripts - Discussion ... Posts about: Writing your own scripts, comments about scripts on this page: problems, bugs, improvements, help converting them to other cameras, etc.
  • Links to Other Scripts Found on the Net!
If you find any interesting scripts for CHDK out there in net-land, please share their links here. If enough are added or found we'll add another page or list them with the other user-written scripts here in CHKD-Wikiland.
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If you want to modify existing scripts or write your own, you'll find more information here:


Some basic articles:

Scripting Tutorial Discussion ... Posts about help with scripting syntax, unique uBASIC problems found, tutorial sections that need help, etc.


  • Lua: what is Lua ? --> introduction to the Lua scripting language, links, samples...
  • Lua scripting - new and changed commands - describes additional and/or changed scripting commands for the Lua scripting language

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