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Multipurpose Bracketing

Written for/on: Powershot A710 IS
Also works on: Powershot A540

I use this script for taking shots of different exposures for HDR photography. This script can also take shots with varying aperture value or shutter speed.

Documentation/Help (save as a small "m-p-bracketing.txt" file to your /SCRIPTS/ folder)

Before running the script, the setting(exposure, aperture, etc.) that is to be varied must be active(by pressing the erase button if necessary). This script takes a number of shots starting at the current value and increase that value for the next shoot. For example, to take 3 pictures with exposures -1, 0, and +1, set the step size to 3 and number of shots to 3. For the A710, set the script shoot delay to at least 11, other cameras should be different. Press erase button and set the exposure to -1. Then go to alt mode and run the script.

Script Code (save as "m-p-bracketing.bas" to your /SCRIPTS/ folder)

@title Multipurpose Bracketing
@param a Step size
@default a 1
@param b Number of shots
@default b 3
if a<1 then let a=1
if b<1 then let b=3
rem click "erase" (Originally here, but removed because I can't see why it's necessary)
rem click "erase" (same case. What purpose do these statements serve?)
print "Shoot", 1, "of", b
for s=2 to b
  for n=1 to a
    click "right"
  next n
  print "Shoot", s, "of", b
next s
let b=b-1
for s=1 to a*b
  click "left"
next s   

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