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HDR with stackingEdit

Tested on the S3IS, A540 (CHDK beta build), A570, A720

If you stack (around five is a good number) photos, you can virtually eliminate noise - by stacking them in PS. This script will take as many repeating shots as you want, bracketing the currently selected LEFT/RIGHT action by as many steps as you select. In Manual Mode, that'll be for Shutter Speed - but you could use it in any mode, as long as you had 'Exposure adjustment' in focus on the screen.

Script Code (save as "hdr-stack.bas" to your /SCRIPTS/ folder)

@title M Mode HDR Stack 
@param a Number of steps 
@default a 2
@param b Step size (1/3EV)
@default b 3
@param c Number of Shots
@default c 5

if a<1 then let a=2
if b<1 then let b=3
if c<1 then let c=1

sleep 1000

print "Preparing..."

for n=1 to a*b
    click "left"
next n

for s=1 to a*2
    print "Shoot", s, "of", a*2+1
    for r=1 to c
    next r
    for n=1 to b
        click "right"
    next n
next s

print "Shoot", a*2+1, "of", a*2+1
for r=1 to c
next r

print "Finalizing..."
for n=1 to a*b
    click "left"
next n


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