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Zoom Video Edit

Written for/on: Canon A640 / A630
Also works on: Other Canon AXXX (Not tested)

Zoom Video by Johan Van Barel ( and edited by Ivan Dimov The Canon A640 does not allow to zoom in videocapture mode. This script allows to zoom-in and zoom-out (8 steps) while in videocapture mode. The only problem is that the Canon A640/A630 only focuses when zooming finishes and not inbetween. This problem is not yet fixed.

Documentation/Help (save as a small ZoomVideo.txt" file to your /CHDK/SCRIPTS/ folder)

Select Movie mode on your Canon A640/A630

Parameters: None

Script Code (save as "ZoomVideo.bas" to your /CHDK/SCRIPTS/ folder)

rem Johan Van Barel 07-07-2007
rem Zoom-Video for Canon A640

@title Zoom Video

get_zoom z
click "shoot_full"
click "shoot_full"

  is_key k "zoom_in"
    if k=1 then set_zoom_rel 1
  is_key k "zoom_out"
    if k=1 then set_zoom_rel -1
  is_key k "shoot_half"
    if k=1 then goto "end"
goto "video"

click "shoot_full"
sleep 1000
set_zoom z


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