I just purchased one today -3-28-2010 and my firmware version is

Can I help in creating CHDK for my camera?

What would you like me to do?

How close are you to make a usable CHDK?

I can't put this on SX20IS - I could not find it, so it is here - any other way to create one for SX20IS?



Help setting up remote camera for space shuttle Edit

Hi. First of all - I apologize - this information may be elsewhere on the site or somewhere else - but I'm short of time and REALLY appreciate any help I can get (otherwise, I would follow usual forum protocol). Basically, I have a chance to put a remote camera nearby the space shuttle for its upcoming launch. I haven't had any time to prepare or think of the best set up or to get appropriate equipment. But I can't pass this opportunity up - so I was thinking of putting my Canon SX200IS in its scuba housing and mounting it on a tripod. That being said - the issue is how to trigger the camera. It could be out there for a while. I would prefer to shoot video since stills would be too iffy. Is there any way I can program the camera to power up and take video for 10-15 minutes at preset times during the day (or say, over the course of three days) since I know the launch windows so I can predict the launch time - just not necessarily the launch day? What would I need to do?

I really really really appreciate any guidance anyone has on this!

Thank you!


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