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Are there plans to port CHDK to this camera?

--Michaelh99 22:39, October 14, 2009 (UTC) btw, that last was me. I now have an account

  • Porting the SX120 is in progress, stay tuned...the porting thread is here Fe50 05:49, October 15, 2009 (UTC)

Is there any chance of having CHDK for SX 120 IS

Any updates about SX120? Neil

  • The latest beta CHDK version for the SX120 with firmware 1.00B is available from the german autobuild server; to get the menu in english, just delete or rename \CHDK\LANG\german.lng since the default CHDKDE menu language is german... Fe50 07:59, July 3, 2011 (UTC)

chdk cannot work in sx120is Edit

I extracted CHDK on my SD card. I pressed menu and selected Firm Updated.
It asked me to update firmware version. -> I selected and clicked Ok. The screen went black and nothing happened.

>>After trying for more than twenty times. I found you can updated it by :

1st : press the play button to turn on the DC.<<CONTINUE TO PRESS , AND DON'T RELEASE>>

2nd: Press Menu

3rd find update and confirm it!!

4th: do it!!!


capture-image supportEdit

(moved from Help:Forums)


I would like to check does CHDK support the camera powershot SX120 IS, I found it in, that it does support SX120 IS but does it support capture-image?

I am trying capture the image of my camera through computer. I had tried gphoto2 but to no avail they does not support the capture image although I can download image files by using it.

Hope that someone can help me out.

Appreciated and thanks.

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