getting the 'real' fw versionEdit

dh: 2010-02-08 - my camera (sd1200is purchased dec 2009 in us) only shows "Firmware" (from funcset + trash&timer with vers.req) - with none of the other stuff mentioned above. Also canon site lists no firmware updates available, so don't know why difference of gm1.00c above versus my - Don't know what this means yet. (don't know how to 'drive' this wiki yet either, so hope I'm not corrupting anything.)

Fe50 07:03, February 9, 2010 (UTC)

it is now runing (to some extent) the CHDK Edit

the CHDK can be used on this camera just by copying the compile made by KevB that can be found here:;topic=4324.0;attach=3980

it was uploaded by awdark it doesn't do auto-boot, it can only be used by turning on the camera in play mode (pressing the play button while the camera is off) and going to the lowest option: firmware update, that will boot the CHDK normally.

In the link, there are a few scripts addend in the scripts folder.

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