can somebody please teach me how to use this? i desperately need the intervalometer function in the G9 for time lapse photography. teahc me how to use the script please. thank u.

This script seems to use digic3 propcases. The correct propcase for digic2 cameras is 67 i think (checking if af was ok)

No display off for SX110IS Edit

Can anyone help me here? I programmed the "print" button to turn the display off, but when I attempt to do so, since it also serves as the <alt> CHDK activation button, it cancels/pauses the time lapse process. I've tried to hit it during the inter-frame delay, during buffering, you name it, no luck. I'm running in manual mode, manual focus (tried with auto), review off, IS off, every iteration I can think of!

By the way, the script works fabulously with my A530—I can get over an hour of 2-sec interval shots on my rechargeable batteries. The display turns off after the number of assigned frames as directed. Bravo! 02:55, August 10, 2011 (UTC)KW

Hey I'm using a Canon S95 and trying to use the script. When I first tried to run the script it came up with an error that says " :64: unexpected symbol near 'car(194)' PRESS SHUTTER TO CLOSE"

I'm just wondering if anyone else has seen anything like that before I start trying to check the code because I'd be guessing...

- beells

Beneells (talk) 06:19, July 25, 2012 (UTC)

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