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I'm looking forward to getting the SD950IS build onto my camera! Is Is there anybody who could help Jeff with the porting? I could offer testing.

Also direly looking forward to getting some control over my Canon camera again - can offer assistance in many forms, but not a firmware developer myself. -- PittCaleb

SD950IS Firmware version 1.00c Edit

To whomever built the CHDK port for 1.00d for the IXUS960,

I have the SD950IS (same camera in terms of hardware). I have checked the firmware version for my camera. It is 1.00c.

I spoke to Canon support to see if there was any way I could upgrade my firmware for this camera to 1.00d so I could use the port of CHDK. In short the answer was no.

Further he told me the only difference between 1.00c and 1.00d was that d was for the European market.

Now I am not sure that he was correct about that, but if the differences in firmware are minor I am hoping that making the adjustments to the CHDK will also be minor in order for it to support 1.00c. If you have the time I would be more than appreciative, and willing to help in any way I can. The firmware dump for 1.00c can be found on the article page of this wiki.

-- 17:35, 8 April 2009 (UTC)grateful, Luke

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