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Should there be more extenive documentation for each feature?

Would we need a more extensive explanation on the use of the various histograms for people new to using them?

For example: I recently found how very handy the color histograms can be just for testing and setting the "My Colors" feature. I couldn't understand why I was getting so many over-exposure warnings even though I set my Contrast to -2. Come to find out I had left Saturation on a +1 setting. This was showing up on the color graphs going out of bounds all too often. I set Saturation back to zero and most all the warnings went away. Nice!

> Would we need a more extensive explanation on the use of the various histograms for people new to using them?

Yeah, why not? Or maybe just a link? I like this explanation of histograms:

I like the new pictures very much. It would also be nice to have a picture where you can see the new Zebra mode in action (=active zebra shadows/highlights, possibly combined with a (blended) histogram overlay). Unfortunately I have no second camera to do this myself.


New Firmware Usage Page

Hi all,

I am wondering if anyone has ever came across a solution to modify / add entries in the camera's internal hotpixel mapping file. Since this site is discussing an alternative F/W, I would be glad if someone would tell me the secret, how to map out my 3-6 hotpixels I've found....



Harvester, did you do all that??

If so (or whoever did it) ... WOW! NICE!

<insert smiley-happy-face thingy here>

This whole CHDK Wikia is rivaling most user manuals that I've read!!


No, I think it was GrAnd. Amazing work, thank you very much for all the nice pics!


Now that's one busy guy! I'm askeered to go see what tonight's firmware update might have. It means editing the pages again. :-) (hopefully he found something more fun to do for the weekend)


I've read here many postings about the S3 shortcut bug. I tried to include the workaround into this Wiki. Since I don't have a S3, I might have gotten something wrong... please correct me then!


Looks okay to me. I still like holding down the [Flash/Audio-memo] button before I press for ALT though. If I don't then when I run a script when I press the shutter it changes my shortcut settings. I think there's enough info there to let folks figure it out, and to at least alert them to a work-around that they can learn.


Great pictures on the page! I would assume that these of the LCD panel? Are the VF results the same?

As a matter of interest, has anyone discovered a way to shoot a VF image?
Dmforcier 16:19, 10 September 2007 (UTC)

These pictures were grabbed from TV-out connected to MiniDV camcorder which was connected to PC through IEEE-1394. :) --GrAnd 18:10, 10 September 2007 (UTC)

Suggested Fonts for the File Reader

I have been using that RBF Font Converter program to see what fonts are the most legible for the teeny tiny screens we have to deal with, and I stumbled on a really nice one tonight.

If you have one on your system called "MS Reference Sans Serif" it converts extremely well. It's the most legible font I've found so far (at least I think so). It works well in point sizes from as low as 9 and 9 bold up to 13 and 13 bold. Beyond that it gets a little too large, not enough text displayed on the screen for my tastes. 10 is on the small side, but still useful. 10 bold, 11, and 11 bold are nice. 9 if you really must have as much on the screen at once, but it'll take some practice to read it, 9 bold is pretty easy to read.

Anyway, just a heads-up on a nice font

Text-only Version

Oh, this text-only version is a very nice idea! I have not tried it yet, but it definitly sounds very useful!


I cleaned out as many line-feeds as possible, so it'll format a little better in the File Reader. And put in "------" section headings throughout so it might be easier to scroll to the area of interest by just using the zoom-in/out controller to scroll by pages, easier to spot the sections.

If you change something in the main Wiki - Firmware Usage pages, feel free to re-edit that file again and post it again somewhere easy to download. There might be places where some superfluous text could be removed too to make it more succinct.

I just wanted to say what a great job everyone has done with this WIKI. I still want to help ,,,but I'm so busy right now I can't. Thanks,Don

The link to the text version seems broken.

Erase All -- Bug or Wonderful Feature?

I noticed something interesting today with my S3 IS.

I have CHDK installed on a 4gig card, so it means I have to manually boot up CHDK when needed. I was experimenting with taking some RAW files today. I know from the past that when you use the camera's built-in "Erase All" feature that it would leave the RAW files behind (when I was using 2gig self-booting SD cards, write-protect locked).

Well, I noticed that if just after boot up. and then loading CHDK, if I went to the camera's "Erase All" feature, that it would delete the whole 10x_CANON" folder, RAW files included.

However, if I took some RAW files in one session, then shut off the camera, started it again, took some more RAW files, and THEN when to the "Erase All" function, it would leave 1 behind from the previous (or current?) session. (I didn't pay attention to file numbers, I only know when I used CHDK's file-browser that the 10x_CANON folder was still there and one RAW file in it.)

Anyway, instead of going into CHDK's file-browser menu, I found I could just get rid of all the old files after a clean boot using "Erase All". This might be a quirk of using the 4gig card without the SD card-lock enabled or something.

I am using a RAW filename format of IMG_xxx.CR2 if that's of any importance. I changed it to see if other RAW file programs could read the files. This could be some rudimentary code in Canon's camera firmware that's recognizing their own CR2 RAW-file extension and allowing the deletion of them.

Thought you might like to know. And also in case you are hoping to save all your RAW files by using "Erase All" to get rid of the JPG files, that under some circumstances you might erase the RAW files too. :)

Camera can delete all files with the same number at once. For example, if you make audio comment for a picture 'IMG_1234.JPG', camera creates sound file 'SND_1234.WAV'. If you decide to erase file 'IMG_1234.JPG', the complementary sound file will be deleted as well. For some RAW-files extensions camera behaviour is the same.
BUT! Camera does not see any RAW files until you switch off/on the camera. If camera recognises that complementary RAW file exists the icon "broken sound file" will be displayed near a file number in play mode.
-- GrAnd 19:20, 3 May 2007 (UTC) --

Hyperfocal Manual-Focus Tip (S3 IS):

I notice that I am limited to the number of manual focus-steps depending on what setting my zoom lens is at. This can make it difficult to take full advantage of the exact hyper-focal distance read-out from CHDK.

The S3 IS has a nice little manual focus assist feature. That once you are in manual focus and did your best with the UP and DOWN buttons to focus your subject, you can press the SET button to let the camera try to auto fine-tune that focus for you even more. The feature limits itself to search for a better focus within a very narrow range.

I've noticed in the past that if it can't lock on something strong in contrast to focus on, that it will gradually step outward in very small increments to INF(inity).

SO ... if you are ever in need of trying to get closer to the hyper-focal distance, once you have locked your camera into manual focus: Try to get as close to the required hyper-focal distance as possible with the UP and DOWN buttons. Then aim the camera at something low in contrast (the sky perhaps), and press your SET button. Then HALF-press the shutter button to see what the new manual (F) focus distance is. (CHDK doesn't seem to update the F number during manual focus steps in latest versions of it, so you have to half-press the shutter button to make it update the (F) display number.)

If you haven't gotten close enough to the Hyper-focal distance, then press SET again (while pointed at a low-contrast area), it will make one more micro-focus step toward infinity for you.

Repeat until you are at the focus distance you wanted.

OR, conversely, scan around with your camera in auto-focus mode until it locks on something at the hyper-focal distance and then hit the MF button to lock it in. Sometimes finding something the right distance isn't always available, like when out on a boat for example or a busy crowd. Then resort to the manual-focus + SET button routine.

Text reader - spaces between characters

I've noticed a problem in the text reader which concerns the spaces between characters. They are not all the same, so sometimes it looks as if you have a space char where there should not be any. The problems appears on my A610(e) and all fonts seem to have it, but at different positions. Let's take Arial20b.rbf here as an example: I have distinct spaces before every "j" and "y" and "Y" so that they look like " j", " y", " Y". If you want to test this, copy the following stuff into a text file and open it with your camera:


Answer: These spaces are in font files. The files are needed to be edited manually, because RBF-font editor imports from TTF fonts slightly incorrect (various spacing issue). You can edit them with rbfEditor. This program is quite simple to use, but I severely miss an "undo" function. So better save from time to time :)
Here you can find space corrected versions of the Arial_bold fonts.

Haw can I change size OSD fonts ??

Build # Comments

Build #86
(Fixes for S-series mostly)
  • S-series: Zoom rocker controls manual focus only if [mf] button is pressed
  • S-series: Various buttons to enter in <alt> mode: [shortcut], [flash], [timer], [iso], [video]
  • S-series: Short press of <alt>-button - enter to <alt> mode; long press - original behaviour
  • S-series: Extended buttons support in script (function 'click') - "iso", "flash", "mf", "macro", "video", "timer"
  • Made the circle of confusion information more precised for each camera model
  • Sokoban: Added undo/redo feature controlled by zoom rocker
All I can say is WHOO HOOO!!!!!! (S-owner here) YES YES YES!! I love these! THANK YOU!!! (insert major smiley-happy-face doing a happy-dance) Oh man, with those extra scripting controls, the sky is the limit on what can be done now!!! And those button options? Brilliant!!! Especially that short/long button press option! I don't want to see any more bitching from anyone about <alt> buttons causing problems! (especially not from me :-) )
Okay, I'm done going crazy for a bit, until the next wonderful release. :-)
Wow, and you even fixed the zebra mode with Auto-Flash mode! What a nice work-around, momentarily putting the flash mode into manual mode just when showing zebra. Wonderful!!!
THANK YOU!! CHDK is just about PERFECT now!! And I may even try to finally solve some Sokoban levels with that undo feature. I've been too scared! :-)
(oops, the zoom-rocker and MF button seems to be crippled. Holding in the MF button IN when using the zoom rocker puts MF out of MF mode and no longer adjusts MF, I suspect it's just a typo oversight when you were coding. But the up/down buttons still work it just fine. Nice to see you working on that. It will be a nice upgrade when it works right. Thought I'd throw in this quick bug-report. Everything else seems to be working great so far though!)
I hope I've fixed this in #87. It was just copy-paste issue. --GrAnd 17:58, 26 May 2007 (UTC)
Works GREAT!!!! :-) :-) :-) ... Soon as I get some time I'll try to add in all the extra scripting commands in the Wiki ... (unless someone beat me to it!)

Raw files. I have set my canon powershot a710 IS to save to raw files. When i load the pictures into my computer I only have images with the extention .jpg. I hve set prefix and extention to CRW. Can somebody help me?

  • The game Sokoban have a bug. If you have the automatic pic rotation on, you came in the next level, if you turn the A710 at 90°. Thank for CHDK

Sorry for my bad english. Daniel

other video formats (dvd or divx)

can i find any script for record video in canon s3is in dvd(mpeg2) and divx or xvid?

See EWAVR's new builds we've been calling "VideoPlus" for many more video compression options as well as bypassing the 1GIG video limit. On the new Downloads page.

Catch 22?

I am trying to use this on a Canon S3 and am being driven crazy - probably by my own stupidity!

I have downloaded and installed CHDK and see some new features e.g. battery level.

I want to shoot raw, but to toggle it on/off, I have to use a selectable ALT button.

To select an ALT button, I must go to "Miscellaneous" in the alternative menu, but to go to the alternative menu, I need to use the ALT button that I have not yet been able to select.

Can anyone tell me what I am missing?

The default <ALT> toggle button is the "Shortcut" (print) button on the S3 until you select one of your own choice in the <ALT> configuration menus. [mr. anon]

OTHER cameras need this also

Would love to see this type of firmware additions for my Fuji S9000, Particularly because I have both SD and CF slots so storage is a no brainer. Brobruce 16:06, 12 April 2008 (UTC)

Canon HV20 Camcorder

I have a Canon HV20 HDV camcorder that also uses the DIGIC ll processor. Would a hack like this be able to work on such a cam? Is there one in the works?Ian-T 03:56, 18 April 2008 (UTC)

Text Listing of All Menu Trees

Greetings, I am in a bit of a strange situation in that I have BORKED my camera's LCD. I have a canon SD500 =D. I absolutely LOVE CHDK and was wondering if there exists somewhere a text listing of all the menus. A comprehensive listing would be great, but all I really need is to know the sequence of button presses to execute a script. Since my LCD is broken now, I intend to use one o them interval scripts and just plant my camera in one corner of my room and have it go. Any help would be very much appreciated!


This might be difficult because each build has their unique menu structures. If you have been using the latest Allbest Build #51, then it would be:
Main Menu
Extra Photo Operations ->
OSD Parameters ->
Video Parameters ->
RAW Parameters ->
Histogram Parameters ->
Zebra Parameters ->
Scripting Parameters ->
Load Script from File...
Script Shoot Delay (0.1s) [ ]
Autostart [ ]
Remote Enable (USB) [ ]
Or you can just press the [SET] button while in <ALT> mode to go directly to the Scripting Parameters menu screen.
How are you going to navigate what's on your SD card to load up the script that you want to run? Then how are you going to set the user variables for that script?

24p & 25p video?

Been playing with CHDK on my G9 and love what the developers have done for the camera! The G9 presently can record video in 15fps and 30fps. The look & feel of film is 24p. Sure you can run conversion tools to take 30p down to 24p, but then you have these awkward long frames shoved in the mix.

So, can any of the well versed CHDK developers out there come up with a clever way to allow 24p (23.976fps)? Canon first released the 5D MkII with 30p video capability, but after industry criticism, was able to develop and release a firmware update that added 24p & 25p. I know, a 5D dslr is in a completely different class from the point&shoot G9, but maybe this can be done?

Thanks for humoring the idea!

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