Maybe add to firmware options with time radiation and something about flash time and manual focus?

Automated transfer of Problem Report #20956 Edit

The following message was left by Anonymous via PR #20956 on 2009-04-15 22:20:25 UTC

timelapse and motion sensor pictures Edit

where can i find time lapse scrips and motion scripts


timelapse and motion sensor pictures Edit

i am trying to take pictures of bikes on trails with motion sensor but its to slow can anyone help


CHDK on Canon Powershot A560 Edit

I have owned the A560 for a few years. I bought it because it was easy to use in automatic mode, and has macro. I became a little bored with it after awhile because it is pretty limited, but it does take nice pictures. I had problems using it with rechargeable NiMh batteries, it seemed like it would just quit for no reason with no warning, leaving my batteries drained. Recently I began searching for information about the camera and rechargeable batteries on the internet. That is how I discovered CHDK. I thought that CHDK would let me SET the voltage and keep this camera from eating batteries. Well, no it doesn't do that, but by enabling voltage readings it did show me that my problem was the worthless Energizer 2500mAh batteries that I was using. I have retired those and now using Rayovac Hybrid, much more reliable. Also using a Duracell smart charger now too instead of the Rayovac 6 hr charger I had been using.

CHDK installation was very easy, once I figured out that it's not that complicated. Just put your memory card in your computer, unzip the Current Autobuild for Powershot A560, put the card back in your camera and hit menu. On the bottom of the "Tools" menu hit Firmware Update and it's loaded. I set it to load automatically, because there really is no reason not to run it all the time, it adds some really nice features to this simple little point and shoot.

I have enjoyed the last few days experimenting with CHDK, have tried some of it's features, including scripts and I'm very impressed! The Ultra Intervalometer (best script) by Keoeeit is really great, and I think I might try some time lapse, moon shots, or something else along those lines. I picked up a small tripod for a few dollars and am looking forward to making photography a fun hobby again!

You toggle RAW/DNG creation on this camera in <ALT> mode by pressing DISP. and I would be interested in any other key quirks you have discovered. 21:17, January 1, 2011 (UTC)

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