I'm pulling suggestions from the Talk side of this page and archiving them in subpages, by category. -- Phyzome 16:53, 18 March 2008 (UTC)

On further reflection, I think I may have chosen a bad taxonomy: "Extreme settings" vs. "scripting" vs. "feature tweaks". Maybe a better approach would be something like this: "Video", "alternate formats", "scripting", "file management". What do you think? -- Phyzome 16:53, 18 March 2008 (UTC)

I wish you well on this overwhelming task. I approach CHDK from a photographer's POV, rather than a programmer's POV, so I would organize them by photography and camera feature categories. I.e. Exposure Tweaks (Tv, Ev, Manual, etc.), Video Tweaks, Scripting Needs (new uBASIC commands, etc.). But programmers will need (and probably like to find) their own categories, like you've already done. It might be good to start off with an "ALREADY DONE - READ FIRST" section. To make sure someone isn't suggesting an idea that was already asked and already implemented. There will be many many of those. Trying to categorize things have whole sciences devoted to them. Sometimes you just have to set the categories and hope that each one is descriptive enough for what goes there, then go with that. You might also put your second category as "Suggested but Impossible (so far)" section. Which would also be a must-read category. Considering you're going to divvy them up into categories, there's nothing to prevent you from putting duplicates into overlapping categories too. This way if an idea is a borderline idea, whoever is looking will find it under their idea of what it should fit under. I can see how an "Impossibles" section would be a nice compilation of those that belong in any other categories. (feel free to remove this comment after you have finalized your categories, just providing some feedback here)

End-user Edit

  • /Extreme settings - push the camera to its limits: shutter speed, file size, aperture...
  • /Feature tweaks - modify existing features or their interface: tweak white balance, variable-speed zoom, alternative converters...
  • /Scripting - intervalometers, motion detection, remote shutter, bracketing...
  • /Data-viewing - MiB remaining, file browser, version info...
  • /Infographics - histogram, zebra mode, 3:2 preview, composition assistant...

Developer Edit

  • /uBASIC - a scripting language
  • /Project - CHDK as a project
  • /Hardware mods - (mostly) impossible or irrelevant things, like removing the IR filter or using different memory cards

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