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This page describes the status of planned and current releases, along with a history of past release.

Builds of current and past releases are available from the Downloads page.

The release cycle is described in more detail at Release Strategy.

Detailed change history is available from the trac page


Unstable, in active development phase. The 1.3 development planning thread is open. Planned features will eventually be listed here.


Current stable, released July 30 2013. The following major features were implemented for 1.2.

  • intermittent Lua crashing bug fixed (finally. Also backported to 1.1)
  • Improved UI - discussion thread
    • menu items renamed and sometimes moved for clarity
    • input of numeric values simplified
    • the "Disable Overrides" menu item is now understandable
    • Tv override input value can be in Ev step,  seconds or HHMMSS format
  • Remote capture over USB
  • Improved DNG performance, now very close to framebuffer raw
  • Support raw operations on DNG
  • Improved memory usage by moving more code to modules
  • Fast integer based trigonometric functions for Lua
  • new editor for User Menu
  • scripts can be added to the User Menu
  • menu option to enable Lua native calls
  • menu option to disable keyboard shortcuts
  • improve console mode with menu options to extend the visibility time of console or review (scroll back) console output
  • loadable palette values allow a better range of colors in the UI  (not implemented on all cameras)
  • auto operation of internal / external flash enabled when other exposure values are in "M" mode
  • enhanced UI for script parameters :  @value allows use of named input values rather than just numeric
  • scripts can be set to always use the default parameter values in the code rather than stored parameters
  • ISO input for override, bracketing and auto-ISO now use approximately the same units as Canon UI ("market" ISO)
  • addition of an annoying "help" window that continuously pops up in <ALT> mode until you figure out how to disable it from the CHDK menu


Previous stable, released July 25 2012. No further changes will be made.

Major features added in this release include

  • Loadable binary modules
  • Re-write of USB remote code
  • "Live view" over the CHDK PTP Extension
  • Integration of chdkde features (actually got added to previous stable too)


Obsolete, Released Feb 2012.

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