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(add remote capture as 1.2 feature)
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* Improved UI - discussion thread
* Improved UI - discussion thread
* Remote capture over USB
* Remote capture over USB
* ???
* Improved DNG performance
* Support raw operations on DNG

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This page describes the status of planned and current releases, along with a history of past release.

Builds of current and past releases are available from the Downloads page.

The release cycle is described in more detail at Release Strategy.

Detailed change history is available from the trac page


Version 1.2 is in active development phase. The following features are currently targeted for 1.2. This list is subject to change.


Current stable, released July 25 2012. Major features added in this release include

  • Loadable binary modules
  • Re-write of USB remote code
  • "Live view" over the CHDK PTP Extension
  • Integration of chdkde features (actually got added to previous stable too)


Previous stable, no further changes. Released Feb 2012.

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