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First draft of a table for params.

params are camera settings stored in the cameras on-board flash memory. This means that unlike PropertyCase they are remembered even if the camera is turned off.

Camera params can be mapped using CHDK/SCRIPTS/EXAM/paramdmp.lua script


params are different for Digic II and Digic III, and most probably even for different platforms.


# Description
19 Display Brightness - seems to reflect the setting for the display brightness
20 Mute sounds - mute on or off
87-89 Interval - interval settings, number of shots and time between shots (details later)

NOTE: these values imo arent really right yet for S3IS, but i have not created a proper compare params function (yet).


# Description Value
2 Photos Taken count
3 EXIF Make (Camera Manufacturer) Canon
4 EXIF Model (Camera Model) Canon PowerShot SD800 IS
5 Text Comment
7 EXIF Owner set by Canon's ZoomBrowser Software
8 Language 16-bytes, unknown format
9 Review Time milliseconds
10 Shutter Volume number
11 Playback Volume number
12 Startup Volume number
13 Operating Volume number
14 Self-timer Volume number
16 String CANON_DC
18 LCD Brightness number
20 Time Zone Info need description
23 Print Method 0=Auto, 1=PictBridge
24 Start-up Image index
25 Start-up Sound index
26 Shutter Sound index
27 Operation Sound index
28 Self-timer Sound index
32 Slide Show Repeat 0=Off, 1=On
33 Slide Show Play Time index {1=3sec, 2=4sec, ..., 9=15sec, 10=30sec}
43 Slide Show Transition Mode index
52 ??? Increments by 16 every shot
56 Long Shutter Time number
64 Power Saving Display Off Time seconds
65 Last Error: Error ID E18
66 Last Error: Description ZoomLensError
67 Last Error: Time POSIX Time
72 Custom Timer seconds
73 Self Timer Shots number
74 Custom Color: Red number
75 Custom Color: Blue number
76 Custom Color: Green number
77 Custom Color: Skin Tone number
78 Custom Color: Contrast number
79 Custom Color: Sharpness number
80 Custom Color: Saturation number
81 Zoom 0=Widest .. 7=Longest
92 Last Shot Time POSIX Time
101 Clock Display Interval seconds
103 Lens Retract Time seconds


# Description Value
3 EXIF Make (Camera Manufacturer) Canon
4 EXIF Model (Camera Model) Canon DIGITAL IXUS 900Ti
5 Text Comment
7 EXIF Owner ego
16 Text CANON_DC


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