Need help to get intervelometer on canon s95 1.00h

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Ive been trying for 2 days and I see various files open up that say they are for intervalometers--but they open up and show a long list of codes and i dont know what to do with it or how to get it into the scripts file on the card. I know how to place the has files there but when i see all the code --what do I do with it? copy paste it and create a document?? call it has then place it on card? often times it will say download--but when i click on it it only opens up the page and shows the lines of code??


CHDK scripts are plain text files.

  • Create a new, empty text file (e.g. on MS Windows with the Notepad editor), insert the script text with copy & paste, then save the file to the \CHDK\SCRIPTS folder on your SD card.
  • For Lua scripts use .lua as filename extension, for uBasic scripts use .bas.
  • When saving the text file with your editor, use ANSI coding (NOT UTF8 !)


  • Insert the script text from Lua#Minimalistic_Intervalometer with copy & paste into your editor.
    The script text in this sample starts with --[[ and ends with until false, add an empty line at the end of the file.
  • Save the file to your card, e.g. with a filename like mint.lua
  • Start CHDK, enter <Alt> mode, load the file...
  • Setup the script parameters (in the sample script this is shooting interval in minutes and seconds, with 0 / 10 as default values)
  • start the script with the shutter button

Read more in the CHDK_User_Manual...

Fe50 20:48, October 13, 2011 (UTC)

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