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This script saves the cameras built in crash log from internal flash ROM to ROMLOG.LOG in the root of the SD card.

There is also a canon basic version of this script Canon Basic/Scripts/Romlog


  • >0 Remove A/ROMLOG.LOG and A/RomLogErr.txt if they exist before attempting to write new ones.
  • 0 Do not remove files.


  • CHDK must be built with compiled with Native call support
  • This script is supported only in CHDK Version 0.9.9 build 864 and later

Camera notesEdit

  • On some VxWorks cameras, the registers, stack trace and some other information is in binary. See forum thread for discussion of the format.
  • On DryOS, all of the information is in text form. DryOS will attempt to create A/RomLogErr.txt if it cannot save the log.

Verified onEdit

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