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Advanced usage of IDA scripts to generate useful (in contrast with buildin WinGraph) call graph layouts.

Take IDC script dump-xrefs.idc from svn.

Run it over function under cursor, and you will get two files in "<your_idb_file_path>/graphs" folder (mkdir it first).

In general, Touchgraph is much more practical in analysis help, but skyrails is really funny ;)

Updates 27/08/2008 Edit

Updates both to IDC script and touchgraph code to make call hierarchy layout.

SkyRails crashes:

  • Either fragment shader and vertex shader not supported..
  • OpenGL 2.0 not supported..
  • Framebuffer objects not supported :(

Skyrails task shell1
Skyrails visualization, ~750 nodes
Cail-chdkAdded by Cail-chdk
Task shell
Touchgraph, ~750 nodes
Cail-chdkAdded by Cail-chdk
Fcp manage task
Touchgraph, 300 Nodes
Cail-chdkAdded by Cail-chdk
Compare with IDA buildin wingraph ;)
Cail-chdkAdded by Cail-chdk
Task service low
Updated version with call hierarchy arrangement
Cail-chdkAdded by Cail-chdk
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