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This is the procedure I used to compile CHDK (April 2007).

  • Create a directory where to load the CHDK source code.
> mkdir ~/chdk && cd ~/chdk
  • Get the CHDK source code.
> svn co


> svn co
  • Or update the source code
> cd grand && svn up
  • Install the cross compiler
Get the sources of gcc and binutils from a GNU repository. I used the latest available version of each.
Decide where the cross compiler will be on your computer.
> mkdir ~/arm-elf
Tell your computer you are going to run programs from that location.
> export PATH=${HOME}/arm-elf/bin:$PATH
Create a working area and build binutils and gcc.
> mkdir ~/wa
 > cd ~/wa
 > tar xvfj ../src/rlx_dist/binutils-2.17.tar.bz2
 > tar xvfj ../src/rlx_dist/gcc-4.1.2.tar.bz2
> cd binutils-2.17
 > ./configure --srcdir=../binutils-2.17 --target=arm-elf \
     --prefix=~/arm-elf --disable-werror
 > make
 > make install
 > cd ..
Manually edit file <gcc-4.1.2/gcc/config/arm/t-arm-elf> to include the following lines without a "#" character in front of the line.
MULTILIB_EXCEPTIONS += *mapcs-26/*mthumb-interwork
   MULTILIB_OPTIONS    += mno-thumb-interwork/mthumb-interwork
   MULTILIB_DIRNAMES   += normal interwork

> mkdir gcc-4.1.2-arm-elf && cd gcc-4.1.2-arm-elf
 > ../gcc-4.1.2/configure --srcdir=../gcc-4.1.2 --target=arm-elf
     --with-cpu=arm9 --disable-libm --disable-libc --disable-threads
     --disable-nls --disable-libssp --disable-intl --disable-libiberty
     --enable-languages=c --with-softfloat-supp --with-float=soft
 > make
 > make install
That's it for the installation of the cross-compiler.
  • Compiling the CHDK. Go to either 'trunk' or 'grand'.
> cd ~/chdk/grand
Manually edit file <> to select PLATFORM and PLATFORMSUB for your camera: just remove the "#" comment characters. Also, add the following line at the beginning of file <> to tell CHDK where the arm cross compiler is,
PATH := $(HOME)/arm-elf/bin:$(PATH)
You should be ready to compile everything.
> make fir
PS.FIR should be in the "bin" directory.
If you want to compile firmware for an another camera, just execute make with PLATFORM and PLATFORMSUB arguments. For example:
> make PLATFORM=a620 PLATFORMSUB=100f fir
To compile firmware for all cameras just type:
> make batch-zip

An alternative method with gcc-3.4.6 Edit

There is a patch included in HDK for building with gcc-3.4.6. It's a simpler install if you want to use this version of gcc. This method uses a global install of the arm-elf tools.

Remember to clear any CFLAGS you've got set:

> export CFLAGS=""

Compile and install binutils Edit

Extract the source, change to its directory, and

> mkdir binutils-2.17-arm-elf
 > cd binutils-2.17-arm-elf/
 > ../configure --srcdir=../ --target=arm-elf && make && sudo make install

Compile and install GCC-3.4.6 Edit

Download gcc-3.4.6, extract it and change to that directory. Patch the GCC source with the toolkit patch:

> patch -p0 < [path_to_hdk]/grand/tools/patches/gcc-3.4-arm.diff
Build the source:
> mkdir gcc-arm-elf
 > cd gcc-arm-elf/ 
 > ../configure --srcdir=../ --target=arm-elf --with-cpu=arm9 \
   --with-newlib --enable-multilib  --enable-languages=c \
   && make && sudo make install

You can now build the HDK source as directed above

Python GUIEdit


An GUI written in python is available here: chdk_linux drop

cd directory/where/chdk-linux-compiler-v*.py/is
python chdk-linux-compiler-v(version number here).py  example:(python

Click on "download env and trunk"
Uncomment your cameras row in "trunk/" (by default is s3is 100a enabled)
Click on "compile complete"

The files should be in "compiled_files"

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