PowerShot G7 Edit

The Canon PowerShot G7 is a 10.0 megapixel digital camera.


CHDK is available for the Powershot G7 with firmware versions 1.00E, 1.00G, 1.00I and 1.00J from the Download page

20060914 loRes g7-front

Powershot G7 Front


Powershot G7 Back

Reviews and Specifications Edit

Technical Data Edit

Image processor:Digic III
Release date:September 2006
Sensor CCD size:10 MP 1/1.8"
Lens (35mm equiv) zoom35-210, 6x
LCD size2.5" fixed
Size (mm)106 x 72 x 43
Weight (body)380 g


Although the G7 has a DigiC III image processor it uses the Digic II properties (e.g in scripts) !

Full keyname list for G7 from source code (for scripting, G7 have some special keys):

KEY_UP,           "up"         
KEY_DOWN,         "down"       
KEY_LEFT,         "left"       
KEY_RIGHT,        "right"      
KEY_SET,          "set"        
KEY_SHOOT_HALF,   "shoot_half" 
KEY_SHOOT_FULL,   "shoot_full" 
KEY_ZOOM_IN,      "zoom_in"    
KEY_ZOOM_OUT,     "zoom_out"   
KEY_MENU,         "menu"       
KEY_DISPLAY,      "display"    
KEY_PRINT,        "print"      
KEY_ERASE,        "erase"      
KEY_ISO,          "iso"        
KEY_FLASH,        "flash"      
KEY_MF,           "mf"         
KEY_MACRO,        "macro"      
KEY_VIDEO,        "video"      
KEY_TIMER,        "timer"      
KEY_EXPO_CORR,    "expo_corr"  
KEY_MICROPHONE,   "fe"         
0xFF,             "remote"     
0xFFFF,           "no_key"

For Developers Edit

Firmware dumps Edit


Download location for firmware dumps:
P&S firmware dumps mirror

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