I'm trying to load CHDK on my new sx40hs. However, when I get to the display menu, there is no 'update firmware' option. The Mac FAQ says if this happens, follow the instructions at the bottom 'Remove the Flags Using the Terminal'. Did that, but Terminal says 'no such file found (PS.FI2) even though I can clearly see it on the SD card. Suggestions? I'm running 10.7.3. Thanks

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This is the wrong place to ask questions - the porting thread for your camera in the CHDK forum is a much better place :

The answer to you problem is that you need to start the camera using the Playback button - not the on/off switch if you want to use the Firwmare Update method you are describing.

Waterwingz 01:42, March 28, 2012 (UTC)

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