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Hello All,

I have a G9 and use to have a G7. Great cameras. I wish I had found CHDK before I sold my G7.

Anyway, my request, now that I have finally found you geeks, Self Focus.

What is Self Focus you ask.

When you are taking a Self Timed picture, have the option to Self Focus. With the face recognition feature that the DIGIC III chip has it is a perfect addition.

How many Self Time photos do you have of yourself that are focused on some random object in the distant background because once you pressed the shoot button and had the Self Timer on, it takes it's focus then, rather then when the timer goes off.

Self Time, Self Focus or die!!!

Makes complete sense - yes?

Thanks for existing guys. I can't wait till I add all those existing features to my G9.


You already can do it by using scripts. Just simple script (two lines) allows you to focus right before the shot after 10 sec delay:
 sleep 10000
The only problem here is the CHDK is still not available for G9.
--GrAnd 07:04, 14 November 2007 (UTC)

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