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I recently installed the "allbest-ixus70_sd1000-101b-31" on my camera. And taken a few pictures, and the RAW images actually look worse then the JPG version :(

Here is a example:



See how much Louder the Noise looks on the RAW?

What causes that?

Actually RAW images are noisier than JPG because the camera process the RAW data with noise reduction before making a JPG. You can choose the amount and type of noise reduction when opening the image in Photoshop's Camera Raw. At the same time you can choose the amount of sharpening.

This is really a nice forum to get information I need!. The threads here helped me a lot. Thank your guys, and I wish I could do something to help back. (23:15, 2010 August 9, by

To me, the raw version looks better. Less chroma noise and less artifacts. You may try to compare the pictures at 100% zoom, because at other values you have interpolation artifacts.

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