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I have just got the latest build( by GrAnd, loaded it on my S3 IS. Loaded few of the defaul scripts from this very site. I was trying to get the "exp-bracketing.bas" script working for me but it would just Print the following and do nothing just sit on it


Preparing..... Shoot 1 of 5


Then i had to terminate the script with the shoot button.

for some reason "shoot" wont work on my S3. then i replaced the shoot with

click "shoot_full" followed by sleep 2000

this worked for me, in the sense that i was able to click photo with this scripts but all at the same EXPOSURE. i.e. "-2"

The script would first get the exposure level to "-2" wit the help of this loop:

print "Preparing..." click "erase" for n=1 to a*b

   click "left"
   sleep 600

next n

But then when i came to click the other way i.e. click "right" it some how desnt do that :-(

for s=1 to a*2

   print "Shoot", s, "of", a*2+1
   click "shoot_full"
   sleep 2000
   for n=1 to b
   	print "right click", n
       click "right"
       sleep 600
   next n

next s

What could be the reason ? M i missing anything ? or my approach is wrong ? Please help me out. Thanks -WNC

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