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Right - not sure how this site works - but ive managed to upload some pics and hope someone can help explain whats been captured...

Last Sunday there was an electrical storm here in sydney, I went outside to film some of the lightning bolts with the aim of getting (eventually) some stills with lightning in them. At no point did I think the lightning was 'close' and yet yesterday when i finally downloaded quicktime in order to view the pics - one of the bolts even APPEARS on my side of the railing - now this doesnt seem feasible to me... so am hoping someone can explain why it APPEARS that way on the photo.

(Its not been 'doctored' and its not fluff on the lens or anything - it appears in one frame - gone in the next).

Here's the pics anyway - hope someone can shed some light on 'em!

The balcony one...

File:Http:// close!!.JP

Bolt between myself and neighbours....

File:Http://' house.JPG

Two frames that show the lightning going UPWARDS from the ground (frame one) to the sky (frame 2)

File:Http:// up.JPG


Thanks in advance!

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