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Is it posible to write texts on taken photos with CHDK? i.e like on Pana FZ18 ?

I don't think so. CHDK would have to have direct access to the RAW data before it is read, wouldn't it? But there are many utilities that allow you to print any EXIF data on your photos. Two good ones that come to mind are PhotoLine 32,, using its "Text to Picture" tool (File info, some EXIF, & IPTC data + your own text), and Mediachance DCE AutoEnhance, mediachance,com (File info, some Exif, + your own text). Both of these allow you to print any information from the embedded file information and add your own text to them, in any colors or fonts or effects that you want anywhere on your photos. Both of these allow doing it in batch-mode so you can apply the similar information to all your photos at one time. I'm sure there are other utilities that do this, probably some excellent freeware ones too if you hunt around. Most people opt to never have any text added to their original photos. There's no way to remove it later if you find it was covering up some important detail. If you want to use this for sorting images while you are taking them instead just save each session's photos to a new folder using the camera's menus.

IrfanView recently added this feature to its batch processing. 05:48, 26 October 2007 (UTC)Freddo

Of course, i don't wanted to put the text in front of photo i was thinking about some black strip under it with the comment so you can always recover a content.

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