Forums: Index > Watercooler > Is CHDK compatible with A570 IS... Emphasis on the IS ?

I'm currently looking for a work camera. The Canon A570 IS suits my needs.

CHDK documentations says that it's compatible with A570 but it makes no reference to the IS. I'm not sure what "IS" represents or if the model difference is subtle enough to cause and incompatibility between.

Bottom line

Is CHDK compatible with the Canon A570 IS?


Yes! I just bought a A570 IS from Amazon after finding out about CHDK. I checked with the two guys (here and here) responsible for porting CHDK to the A570 IS. I'm actually pretty sure this is the only camera you can buy NEW with a firmware that's compatible with CHDK. I got my camera on Nov 29th 2007 and CHDK was running the next night.

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