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Hi, I followed the instructions for extracting the firmware ver number -- copy an empty "ver.req" file into my card's root directory and then (in the rec mode) press set(Function) and display simultaneously. But, nothing happened. I did not get any message in my display.

Now, it's not that much of an issue since I did install the CHDK software and it runs great. So, I know that I have the correct firmware version. But, I'm curious as to why I couldn't get the version number to appear.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I may be doing wrong?

Thanks all.

Hi,I just had same problem, then I found out why. I creat the file with vista, which it will automatically add".txt" to the file name, that cause the camera couldn't read it. The solution is save the "ver.req" to another name, use "save as" function and when you do that , choose "all files" instead of".txt". Then delete the original "ver.req", change the new file to "ver.reg". Next you found out? it works!

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