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Hi ive recently installed the G7 hack and it works fine but when i check the size of the new RAW files there the same size as the JPEG

what am I doing wrong?

did you turn ON raw? (the first option in the CHDK menu is Raw Parameters, and the first option there is to turn it ON or OFF (I believe its on if there is a dot between the brackets [O](=ON) vs [ ] (=off) It does take like 2 secs longer to save an image, so it it seems as fast, perhaps you haven't turned it on. See the firmware usage page.
CHDK will also save a JPG of the same image. The raw file will have the name CRWxxxx.CRW (where xxxx is the file number) and there will also be a JPG file with the same number. So if RAW was activated, then look for the CRW file.

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