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Is it possible to write script like this:

  1. loop
  2. if there is no free space, kill oldest picture
  3. make picture (small.. 100kb.. for ex 640x480 jpg)
  4. wait 0.5 sec (or may be less than 0.5 BTW what is the limit?)
  5. end loop;

soo... 100kb every 0.5 sec that is about "1hour of recording" on 1GB card.. or if the picture is 400kb it gives "15min of recording"

if the camera is set on the car dashboard, and somethimg interesting happened, it will be recorded/

I agree with this idea. Another solution will be wait for 60min limitation of the video solved. We can use 640X480 15f/s mold to record a long long car trip infomation. Jocewang 15:01, 1 December 2007 (UTC)

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