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I copied the english.lng, disboot.bin and ps.fir to my sd card, all in the topmost directory.

However, when I go to the Firmware update it says : UPDATE FILE ERROR!!! on my Canon sd800 camera.

What am I doing wrong?

I have had this problem too with an early a640 (purchased the first day I could get it). Have tried several versions will try other computers/card readers to check that is not the issue and report back. 08:46, 15 May 2008 (UTC) Ed

Formatted the card in the camera and re-copied the files. Turned the camera on in shooting mode to ensure the dial was on P. Turned the camera off. Put the camera in play mode. Turned the camera back on. Fixed it.

ALL WORKING!!!! 09:35, 15 May 2008 (UTC) Ed

I am using Canon A1100IS with 128MB SD and I am getting same "Update File Error" .

-The zip I downloaded is missing PS.FI2 file.

-I tried to make the card bootable then the cam is not switching on

-I tried creating an empty PS.FI2 file at root.Still the same error.

-I tried copying PS.FI2 file of A2000IS model.Still same error.

-I formated card using camera only.

-The dial is always to 'P'

What am I missnig? Please help

  • "Update file error" means: the update file (real fw update file from Canon OR a CHDK binary file, filename ps.fi2) does not fit to the camera model. The camera's firmware update mechanism checks the camera model and encryption of an update file. If the CHDK download you're trying to use doesn't include a PS.FI2 file, you can only use it with a prepared (CHDK-bootable) SD card - BUT: first check your camera's firmware version, the fw version of the CHDK file MUST be exactly the same !
  • You may download the latest CHDKDE full package which supports both (manual & autoboot) loading methods from the CHDKDE Autobuild Server; to change the CHDK menu language from german (default) to english, just rename or delete the file \CHDK\LANG\german.lng on your SD card.

Fe50 05:14, August 16, 2011 (UTC)

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