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Some of these are only guesses. May help understanding what's going on in the code.

EDmac: Engine DMA Controller

BltDmac: DMA related to image data?

SSG (source module, task): Synchronization signal generator for the sensor / its driver (explanation found in a Hitachi datasheet)

TG (task): Sensor drive-pulse (timing) generation (explanation found in a Hitachi datasheet)

PCEvf (source module): Live view over PTP (utilizes MJPEG compression). Only present in models with official PC remote control feature.

Pwrcnt (source module): Power control? A debugstring in Ixus30 from this module: "CountOfClient[i] > 0". Writes into the 0xc0f010xx range.

BrtDrv (source module): brightness driver (S1 IS debug string, (live?) image processing related)
BrtMsr (~source module): brightness measure
BrtWei (~source module): brightness weight
BrtCrct (source module): brightness corrector

WBinteg: white balance integral ("integ" seems to stand for integral usually)

Angel (source module): has something to do with color adjustment, see for example:

useful things can be found near "getpropertyfromcase error" strings

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