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Project CHDK hostlua for Windows with the editor Notepad++


  • execute CHDK Lua scripts
  • execute CHDK Lua scripts on camera emulator width virtual keyboard and display
  • Editor with autocomplete and highlighting for CHDK keywords
  • Function list for LUA functions and simple tables

additional with installed libusb driver

  • execute CHDK Lua scripts on the camera
  • upload files to the camera
  • running of chdkptp commands

Software of other developers included in the packageEdit



  • Note that this installation procedure will not work if any of the file paths have spaces or special characters in them.
  • Optional, but required for all PTP functions: installed libusb driver for using CHDK with PTP
  • Unzip the folder "hostluaPortable" from to any destination.
  • Configuration: Run file "config.cmd in main folder "hostluaPortable\"
  • Start of Noptepad++ Portable via link "Start Notepad++" in the main folder "hostluaPortable\"



  • Lua files are always subjected to a simple syntax examination.

File locations:

  • CHDK files: "hostluaPortable\A\CHDK\..."
  • Lua libraries: "hostluaPortable\A\CHDK\LUALIB\"
  • Lua scripts: accepted from all folders, copy to the camera "A\CHDK\SCRIPS\".
  • PTP command files have the extension ".ptp", accepted from all folders.

Available commands in Notepad++ console:

  • CHDK LUA local > Execute Lua scripts in the CHDK script emulator.
  • CHDK LUA local keypad > Execute Lua scripts in the camera emulator withvirtual keyboard and display.

Draw test keypad

> GUI keypad usage:

         shortcut    | description
     [CTRL]+[UP]     | button UP
     [CTRL]+[DOWN]   | button DOWN
     [CTRL]+[RIGHT]  | button RIGHT
     [CTRL]+[LEFT]   | button LEFT
     [CTRL]+[ENTER]  | button FUNC/SET
     [CTRL]+[h]      | button SHOOT HALF
     [CTRL]+[s]      | button SHOOT FULL
     [CTRL]+[v]      | button VIDEO
     [CTRL]+[+]      | button ZOOM IN
     [CTRL]+[-]      | button ZOOM OUT
     [CTRL]+[m]      | button MENU
     [CTRL]+[d]      | button DISP.
     [CTRL]+[1]      | button RC1
     [CTRL]+[2]      | button RC2
     [CTRL]+[3]      | button RC3
     [CTRL]+[4]      | button RC4
     [F2]            | toggle LCD width
     [F3]            | LCD width 360 px
     [F4]            | LCD width 480 px
     [ESC]           | EXIT - break runnig script and close keypad
     context menu:
     "LCD Width" ------+-- "LCD 360 px"
                       +-- "LCD 480 px"
     "Code Page" ------+-- "1250"
                       +-- "1251"
                       +-- "1252"
                       +-- "1253"
                       +-- "1254"
                       +-- "1257"
     "GUI Close Type" -+-- "On Exit Script"
                       +-- "After 10 Seconds"
                       +-- "On Lost Focus"
  • CHDK LUA remote > Transferring files to the camera and run Lua scripts on the camera.
  • CHDK LUA remote output > The same as "CHDK LUA remote". In addition, the outputs of the script console output to the Notepad++ console at script end. Scripts will run a bit slower compared to "LUA CHDK remote".
  • CHDK PTP > Processing of PTP commands with chdkptp. Command list under "hostlua\bin\chdkptp_USAGE.TXT" or usage.txt.


  • Open a CHDK Lua file in Notepad++.
  • Start console command in Notepad++

- with menu "Macro"

- context menu "CHDK hostlua"

- key [F6]

  • Repeat last console command: [CTRL]+[F6]

Update hostluaPortableEdit

  • save newest (4.1.005 or higher) to main folder "hostluaPortable\"
  • run update.cmd on main folder "hostluaPortable\"


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