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{{Notice|Current documentation for SD card formatting is here : [[Bootable_SD_card]]}}
<big>''This article describes how to install CHDK with the [[Cardtricks]] utillity under MS Windows''</big>
<big>''This article describes how to install CHDK with the [[Cardtricks]] utillity under MS Windows''</big>

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Current documentation for SD card formatting is here : Bootable_SD_card

This article describes how to install CHDK with the Cardtricks utillity under MS Windows

  • Start Cardtricks, select your card reader with a click to the SD card symbol

Cardtricks Installation 01 Cardtricks Installation 02

  • Use Show to make sure whether the right device is selected

Cardtricks Installation 03

  • Maybe you want to format the memory card first - you can use the Format as FAT button:

Cardtricks Installation 04


CAUTION: This deletes ALL DATA from your card ! Backup your files first !

  • If you want to start CHDK everytime you power on your camera (autoboot), use the Make Bootable button to write the bootable identification string to the SD card.

Cardtricks Installation 05

  • Now click Download CHDK to open the download page, this will start your system's standard browser:

Cardtricks Installation 06

Search for your camera and the correct firmware version, download the package (.zip file) and store it to your hard disc.

Cardtricks Installation 07

  • Check [x]Overwrite to make sure that older files on your memory card gets overwritten

Cardtricks Installation 08

  • Use the CHDK -> Card button, select the .zip file you've downloaded in the last step...

Cardtricks Installation 09 Cardtricks Installation 10

Cardtricks Installation 11
  • Now the CHDK installation package gets unziped to your card, this takes some seconds...
  • Your SD card is now ready to use with CHDK, Cardtricks can be closed with Exit (or press Esc) or the ESC key
  • Remove the memory card from your card reader
  • To use the Autoboot startup method you must LOCK the SD card (move the little plastic slider toward the middle of the card)
  • Insert the card into your camera
  • CHDK now can be started either manually with the 'Firmware Update' item from the Canon menu or with the Autoboot function.

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