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This page documents the usage of the CHDK Bugtracker. While Mantis works, currently the preferred method of reporting bugs is the CHDK forum in the appropriate porting thread.

This wiki page is a location for notes on the usage of the CHDK Bugtracker

The CHDK Bugtracker can be used to:

  • request a new feature
  • add new issues/bugs for tracking
  • contribute a .diff file for committing to SVN

Useful External Links

A Forum sticky on CHDK forum for discussion of Mantis' usages,2357.0.html

Mantis Bugtracker can be found at


To stay up to date on existing and new issues with RSS subscribe to this RSS feed -

Viewing existing issues, feature requests and contributions

To view existing issues no user account is required. Viewing existing issues is done simply by visiting the CHDK Bugtracker at the link above.

Creating filters for viewing issues

To add...

Opening issues, feature requests and submitting contributions

To open a new issue a user account is required. To create a new user account just select 'Signup for a new account' from the front page and follow the steps. Once the user account is created the process for adding a new issue, feature request and/or contribution is the same and is as follows:

  • Select 'Report Issue'
  • Select to correct category (i.e. if the issue affect the CHDK core select CHDK core)
    • For feature requests select Feature request
    • For .diff contributions select Diff 'n Patches
  • Fill in how reproducible and severe the issue is.
  • Choose an concise and accurate summary. The summary field is what everyone will see in the issue list so having it concise and accurate is very important.
  • Fill in a description of the issue, feature request or patch. Again, accuracy is very important here as it will help speed the resolution process. If you are contributing a .diff file this is the location of the SVN comment that you would typically specify.
  • The build field, if known is where you would specify which CHDK build you found the issue on. For contributions this is the build that your changes are based off of.
  • Specify the camera type
  • Submit your issue and your done.

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