• Hardikzala

    Is there any CHDK available for the below cameras?

    CANON IXUS 175

    CANON IXUS 185

    CANON IXUS 190

    CANON IXUS 285

    If it is there, please provide the link OR

    Kindly provide the solution to install CHDK for the above cameras. Urgent !!!

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  • Waterwingz

    Multicam Rigs

    June 25, 2014 by Waterwingz
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  • Jzalud

    Hello Everyone!

    I can't find the "Firmware Update" option in any of my Canon SX260's settings tabs to run the CHDK program off my SD card.  Has anyone had this problem?  



    This wikia is not a good place to ask for help.   I suggest you post your question here :

    Waterwingz (talk) 11:44, April 21, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Bousson

    Computer control

    August 16, 2012 by Bousson

    Can WIKI control a Canon SX40 though a computer hooked to the camera?

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  • Waterwingz

    While the Canon SD940 has a relatively small user base, its owners really appreciate the compact size and power of this camera. Almost a year and a half after its release, functional versions of CHDK are now available for the SD940 - see CHDK Forum - SD940 porting thread

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  • Silo82


    August 31, 2010 by Silo82

    Hi guys,

    I recently dumped my IXUS107 FW using Canon BASIC! I did that a couple of times and made a diff to check whether the

    files were different.

    The result is that the PRIMARY.BINs are equal up to the address 0x03fa36c.

    I tryed to port myself but I'm encountering some problems.

    How should I proceed? I'll send you the link to the FW dump after the break.


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  • Acewings1

    Question: Why does Canon Powershot A540 digital compact camera shoots only 1 RAW picture when I have a successfully installd CHDK on its SD memory card?

    I have a fully working CHDK working in my A540. Also the DNG4PS2 software is working properly. But my camera shoots only 1 RAW picture, the rest being jpeg files.

    Why is this happening? What are the in-camera CHDK menu settings? Anything specifically to be programmed in the RAW parameters?

    I do not mind generating jpegs. But my aim to create RAW pictures. Also the camera slelcts at random which picture will be shot i RAW mode.

    Please advise. Help appreciatedAcewings1 11:33, July 12, 2010 (UTC)

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  • Acewings1

    RAW for Canon Powershot A540?

    I have successfully installed CHDK on a SD card inserted in my Powershot A540. I would like to know how do I shoot RAW pictures? What are the setting in the menu of the camera that should be done? What are the in-camera settings to shoot RAW photos using Canon Powershot A540 digital compact camera? What are the RAW parameters that should be set in the CHDK in-camera menu? If someone can advise, it would be wonderful. Thank you.

    I shot some pics with the file name as: CRW_xxxx.CRW & IMG_xxxx.CRW. But these files do not open up in Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite 5 (CS5) extended edition. Which image editing / RAW processing software should be used? Any links?

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  • Christian2010

    Hi All,

    'I have a Canon Ixus 100 IS ( PowerShot SD780IS ) and would like to see my video live (live view) on my Notebook via a usb cable. I am not especially interested in remote control, I only want to do a video over some days and record it directly with one of the screen capture softwares. My Notebook does not have a graphical input so it should be via USB. I have tried PSRemote and Cam4You and found out that my camera does not support remote control. Then I found CHDK, loaded it on my cam, however I do not know how to solve my problem. Is it possible at all?'



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  • Christian2010


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  • Laclaustra

    Ive recentley bougth a canon sd1400 is anyone working on the chdk ? If so if that person need help ( I dont know much but willing to learn) do not hesitate to contact me. (I think emily77 is doing something about it)

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  • Waldenk

    i am not nearly smart enough to be a chdk developer...but would love (like presumably thousands of others)...chdk for my s90.

    the one feature i -really- want is timelapse functionality. in fact that's -all- i want.

    anyone out there developing something like this?

    please ?

    thanks :)

    walden kirsch

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  • Daniel2431

    Canon Ixus 120 IS

    December 23, 2009 by Daniel2431


    is there a CHDK firmware for a " Ixus 120 IS " out or a BETA version ?


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  • XXocXX

    REQ: EOS: 500D (Rebel T1i)

    December 2, 2009 by XXocXX


    i'm a 500D (Rebel T1i) user and i don't like the HD fps rate( only 20). Can anyone make the port for this camera? I can make firmware dump if needed.

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  • Roadking

    Motion detection

    November 4, 2009 by Roadking

    Hello I have a powershot s5is I really want to use motion detection for shutter release

    but I am stumped I downloaded chdk and made a card for my camera everything seems good

    am I just missing a step can someone help

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  • Canoneer

    One well thought out picture will go beyond illuminating, it will reveal the truth. -- Canoneer (c) 2009

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