Birding with CHDK

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(Page under construction) This page describes how you can use CHDK to capture fotos and videos of birds.

Pose Your Birds

Bird feeders are a great way to attract birds to your camera.

  1. Build a feeder that forces the bird to perch at a set distance from the camera.
  1. Site the feeder in sunlight but watch for the camera casting a shadow.
  1. Leave the feeder out for a while without the camera so they get used to it.
  1. Use a bird cutout on a clothes peg to frame your shot.

Here is a very simple feeder made from coat hanger wire and an old bottle top.


Coat hanger feeder

Lazy CHDK Birding

This is a very easy way to get great bird fotos from your CHDK camera.

  1. Set up your feeder as above with your camera near it on a tripod.
  2. Turn on Mute in your Canon menu to prevent scaring the birds.
  3. Lock the subject distance using CHDK menu>Enhanced Photo Operations>Override Subject Distance.
  4. Load script "interval.lua" and set interval to 1 second.
  5. Start script running.

CHDK will start taking fotos which you can sort thru to find any goodies like these.

Useful Scripts

DaveCam - Video events recorder that records all bird visits and combines all visits into a single file.

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