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A different benchmark test - also maybe not very repeatable due to speed depends upon jpeg compression level (better to set video to a specific bitrate using CHDK?).

I pressed the shutter for exactly 60 seconds to see how many frames/minute I would get in jpeg mode and RAW+jpeg mode.

Settings used:

  • "M" mode: F2.8, 1/1000"
  • continuous shooting activated
  • manual focus activated
  • manual white balance: daylight
  • display: on
  • jpeg settings: large+superfine
  • RAW settings:
    • after dark frame substract: on (but doesn't matter anyway)
    • only first RAW in series: off

  SD-card model, size Write Write Write Read fr/min fr/min  
(RAW) (Mem) (64k) (64k) (jpeg) (RAW)
  Kingston, 1GB (FAT16, Fw:E) 3546 4636 3091 5830 93 25
  SanDisk Extreme III, 2GB (FAT16, Fw:E) 6617 8302 6687 8233 150 36

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