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(PowerShot A700)
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* [ Canon]
* [ Canon]
* [ DPR]
* [ DPreview]
* [ DCRC]
* [ DCRC]
* [ Steve's DigiCams]
* [ Steve's DigiCams]
* [ Imaging Resource]
* [ Imaging Resource]
* [ WikipediA]
* [ Wikipedia]
* 35-210mm (equiv.) = 6x
== Firmware info ==
== Firmware info ==

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PowerShot A700 Edit

Following the example of the A700 page, everything that might be useful for a port of CHDK to A700 should be posted here.

Canon-powershot-a700 front
Powershot A700 Front
LukeSAdded by LukeS
Powershot A700 Back
LukeSAdded by LukeS

Reviews and Specifications Edit

Firmware info Edit

As usual, the ver.req file works as well in this model. It shows the following:

Canon PowerShot A700
P-ID:3117 PAL

Firmware Ver GM1.00B
Jan 12 2006 15:31:55

Pressing DISP returns:

Adj Ver.002.015
2006.10.14 13:59:25

For developers Edit

Firmware dumps Edit


Download location for firmware dumps:
P&S firmware dumps mirror

LED addresses Edit

#define LED_BLUE 0xc0220084
#define LED_1 0xc0220088
#define LED_2 0xc022008c
#define LED_3 0xc0220090
#define LED_4 0xc0220094

Some code Edit

Blue-LED firmware blinker: download from, password is WDdfsDFRT3@*sd

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