CHDK for the A495 firmwares 1.00d, 1.00e & 1.00f are available in a Beta version from the CHDK Autobuild Server



Reviews Edit

Technical DataEdit

  • Digic III image processor
  • DryOS operating system
  • Announced: Jan 5, 2010 

Firmware info Edit

DISCLAIMER: None of the known methods for retrieving the firmware information seem to work for this camera model. You may have to just try installing each option until you find one that works.

  • As of 2012-06-19, the ACID tool worked on my A495 (firmware of 1.00e).

CHDK SpecialtiesEdit

This section describes special CHDK-related things...

  • extra long exposures (tested 256 seconds but probably up to ~2000 seconds like for A480)

For DevelopersEdit

General info:

LED addressesEdit

0xC0220088 Green state LED
0xC0220080 AF LED

Params TableEdit

# Description Value
3 EXIF Make (Camera Manufacturer) Canon
4 EXIF Model (Camera Model) Canon PowerShot A495
5 Text Comment
8 16 bytes config?

byte 0 : Video System : 0x00=NTSC/ 0x01=PAL

byte 1 : Language : 0x00=English ... 0x06=Italiano ... 0x09=Spanish ...

10 Shutter Volume 0-5
12 Start-up Volume 0-5
13 Operation Volume 0-5
14 Selftimer Volume 0-5
16 Text CANON_DC
22 Create Folder

0x800=Daily / 0x900=Monthly

24 Start-up Image 0x00=Off / 0x01=On
35 Slideshow: Repeat 0x00=Off / 0x01=On
36 Slideshow: Play Time 0=3s, 1=4s, 2=5s, 3=6s, 4=7s, 5=8s, 6=9s, 7=10s, 8=15s, 9=30s
37 Print Settings: Print Type 0x01=Standard, 0x02=Index, 0x03=Both
38 Print Settings: Date 0x00=Off / 0x01=On
39 Print Settings: File No. 0x00=Off / 0x01=On
46 Transition 0x00=Off, 0x01=Fade, 0x02=Slide
47 Slideshow: Effect 0x00=Off, 0x01=Fade, 0x02=Slide
50 Print Settings: Clear DPOF data 0x00=Off / 0
59 Info Display 0=Off, 1=Standard, 2=Detailed, 3=Focus Check
75 Power Saving: Display Off (seconds) 10, 20, 30, 60, 120, 180
112 Lens retract (seconds) 0, 60

Available firmware dumps Edit


Download location for firmware dumps:
P&S firmware dumps mirror

  • A495 firmware versions 1.00d , 1.00e , 1.00f

Porting process & linksEdit

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